About Us

We Get It


We have member practices that are boutique, and that are multi-state juggernauts. We run practices that are 100% private pay, and others that are mostly insurance-based. We practice in big cities and rural areas. We've seen it all, dealt with it all, and shared things that only our lawyers and partners know. Running a psychotherapy practice (sometimes with assessment, medication, counseling, and other services) is a big challenge. Many fail. It's grueling--and employees and 1099s don't fathom all that rests on our shoulders.  That's where we come in: to help each other thrive, cope, and grow. 

how it works


Confidentiality First

We share things in the group that we wouldn't tell anyone else except our partner or our trusted attorney or CPA. Members sign a strict Non-Disclosure Agreement before participating. 

Two Retreats Per Year

A big splashy resort and a small business hotel is how we mix up the venues. Bring your family, or just hang out with your new friends. We've got something for everyone. Between meetings, the support continues!  And we have a lot of diversity among us where all can belong.

Shockingly Helpful

A single jaw-dropping idea to save you thousands of dollars; the expertise of peers in a variety of settings; your personal advisors constantly at the ready.  

Challenging Meetings

Crammed full of immediately useful material, we examine our financials, marketing, hiring, taxes, succession planning, you name it! 

Protected Turf

We keep a 100-mile radius around each practice to prevent competition from entering your GPR group. It's easier to be open without potential competitors.  

As Active as You Wanna Be

We have a lively listserv and Slack workgroup for just the members of your group. Emails are straight-to-the-point. There's the occasional fun, but little fluff and lots of support and straight answers.