Frquently Asked Questions


How do the semi-annual meetings work?

We start with a Friday evening welcome, unwinding, and getting re-acquainted before we get down to business. A weekend meeting packet is provided, and members prepare any last-minute materials they have brought to share over the next 2-3 days. We make dinner plans. The meeting is attended by 12-20 psychotherapist-owner-members from non-competing markets around the U.S. Members have the option of bringing one guest to the meetings if your guest is a shareholder, partner, or business manager.


How secure is the GPR?

Members and invited guests sign a strict nondisclosure/confidentiality agreement protecting the privacy and trade secrets of our members. For the group to function effectively, each member must feel safe to disclose information that most of us typically would not disclose to anyone but our accountant, attorney, or partner. We must know that other members breach that trust only at the risk of severe civil penalties. On occasion, the GPR may share general business solutions from one GPR group with other GPR groups so that all can benefit, but never confidential or identifiable information.


What costs are involved?

  • A one-time $200 set-up fee.
  • Annual dues of $900-1260 per member, prorated the first year, subject to change, and based on practice revenue.
  • A $20 bill for the “best idea contest” or “worst idea contest” at each meeting.
  • Member’s portion of direct meeting costs, estimated at $250-$350 per member, per meeting.
  • Attendees’ personal travel costs, including flight, ground transport, room, personal food & beverage, etc.